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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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FUGU FISH silk scarf

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Discover the secret of subtle elegance with RE:SIN silk scarf:

    • 100% pure silk
    • hand illustrated in Tokyo by artist Przemek Sobocki
    • two size: 53×53 cm, 90×90 cm


“Inspired by illustrations from old botanical albums and classic prints of silk scarves from the 1950s’ ” Przemek Sobocki


RE:SIN guarantees individuality

The limited art collection “UNDER THE OCEAN” RE:SIN x PRZEMEK SOBOCKI includes 5 unique designs illustrated on pure silk scarves. The idea od the project refers to the aquatic world, where we discover magical creatures: golden lobsters, emerald sea horses, pink Aurela aurita moon jellyfish, turquoise sea wasps, and blue-gray Fugu hedgehog fish.

Fugu fish

Illustrated in Tokyo

by artist Przemek Sobocki

Manufactured in Poland

company founded in 1924

re:sin certified

100% pure silk

Unique Design

hand illustrated


Handcrafted in Japan

Japanese guarantee the highest quality

Amber adornments

Amber has a history of 40 million years

re:sin certified

Environmentally friendly materials

Unique Design

Attention to detail

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