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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Designing and production of eyewear jewelry is a complex, multi-step process.

The vision, enthusiasm and hard work on the project, helped transform the idea into reality.

As a result, the world’s first glasses that combine a timeless elegance of amber with the most current trends in the fashion world was created.

Each pair of re-sin eyewear jewelry is hand-made.

Used components are unique Baltic amber, called Baltic gold, 14 carat gold, the highest Italian quality Mazzucchelli acetate and impressive Zeiss glass.

The Amber which is adorning re-sin eyewear, was shaped by 40milion years. 

Each one has an individual and unique character – in that, there is no second identical pair of eyewear in the world.

Also that’s why our glasses are signed by an individual number, and the whole original series of the round model “R” has only 1,000 pieces.

It’s not a sin to re: sin.